Vít Kološ

Hello, my name is Vít Kološ.

My hobbies are informatics, maths, music, languages, and occasionally also politology or philosophy.


I graduated at Olga Havlova Grammar School in Ostrava-Poruba. Currently, I am studying for a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics at Charles University in Prague.


I enjoy programming and problem solving, I earn money mostly by creating websites and their administration.

As for the languages, apart from Czech and English, I am also fascinated by French – I appreciate every opportunity to have a little bit of French conversation.

Regarding music, I like singing, dancing, playing the clarinet or ukulele, and also just listening to music.


MFF poznámkynotes from my classes
Covid Portáldevelopment of some frontend components
Dcery 50. letwebsite administration and upkeep
Zpěvník pro scholydevelopment of a part of the frontend
eRouškaupkeep and further development of the website
Apartmán sv. Vítawebsite development
iGOHstudent website creation
Erasmus+project magazine website development
Suplování GOHMessenger bot development
Kána ČRweb presentation